Wayne Luciano

Posted by on Jan 13, 2014

With twenty six years of marketing experience ranging from client-side with The Coca-Cola Company to agency-side and marketing consulting, I look for five things in a marketing resource: “Technical chops”, Service, Passion, Integrity, and Curiosity. I’m fortunate to have Visible Mission as a key marketing resource, as they deliver on all five criteria. Their creative expertise is top notch and strategically grounded. Their commitment to service is exceptional. They have a sincere passion for what they do which is evident in their work. They’re straight-shooters who are trusted partners. And lastly, they push the boundaries with a strong desire to explore new ideas and innovate. Visible Mission is a valuable resource for any organization that is in need of creative expertise with insight and a commitment to make good things happen.

Wayne LucianoVice President – MarketingCROSSMARK