Have you checked your stats?

Posted by on Jun 3, 2015 in analytics, planning, websites

How are your stats? I have been looking for ways to be more active. A friend loaned me their unused Fitbit so I could test it out. It is an interesting little gadget that provides little data nuggets about my activity levels, calories burned, sleep, etc. The Fitbit also allows me to set goals and gives me “badges” when I achieve certain levels of activity. Since it is new to me, I have to admit I check it throughout the day to see how I am doing. In a philosophical moment this little gadget and my interest in data brought me back to web sites… When we build websites for our clients we always include Google Analytics so clients can review their site’s activity. Much like a Fitbit’s data, site analyitcs can help you see how your website is doing.  Some key analytics include: How many visitors are coming to your site? Where are site visitors coming from? How long do people stay on the site? What pages are being viewed, is there any content that is particularly popular? Are users finding the information you think they need to see? Are you calls to action effective; do they read highlighted content, fill out a form, buy something online, or contact you for more information? The great thing about a website is you can change it!  Site analytics can guide the development of your site to make it more attractive and useful to customers.  Looking at your website’s statistics might lead you to: improve SEO/SEM so customers can more easily find your site add more or develop popular content add more images or videos to better engage site visitors improve navigation add calls to action and code them to track conversion points So, have you checked your web stats lately?  What are the goals and changes they suggest to achieve the level of activity needed to help your business...

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