Becoming visible…

Posted by on Apr 28, 2014

In 2007 we started Visible Mission, Inc. because we wanted to provide passion-driven organizations and businesses with visual communication tools to share their missions with the world.  Graphics, web design, multimedia, and print medias are the tools that can make any group more visible and ultimately more viable.    Though it sounds trite, we work to help  people build their brands and grow their organizations.

Seven years later we are still going strong and growing.  Our clients have included faith-based organizations, public libraries, artists, and community support groups.  As you can see from our portfolio we have worked with individual artisans, regional companies and even larger national organizations.   Geographically, our customers are  primarily on the East Coast, but they have hailed from locations farther afield such as Texas and North Dakota.  We haven’t advertised much since more than 50% or our business comes via personal contacts and referrals.  

This space, in particular, is going to be devoted to a regular article about the work, expertise, and issues we see facing those who see to grow their businesses and become more visible.  Topics will include web design, photography, print media, layout, multimedia and more.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Elizabeth Blakely
Co-founder and Vice-president