Leading Visible Mission

Scott Hamrick, Founder and President


In 2007 after 17 years as a photographer with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Scott left the paper with a vision of building a creative agency that served passionate people and organizations. Joined by Elizabeth Blakely, a long-time friend with similar aspirations, the two made their vision real and have been growing ever since.

In addition to the experience garnered during 17 years with a major metropolitan newspaper Scott possses:

  • a thorough understanding of the issues facing non-profits and small businesses
  • excellent sales skills
  • proven leadership skills
    • Deputy Chief of the Friendship Diving Rescue Unit
    • Co-founder of Happy 2 be Home Inc. a non-profit organization that helps children with disabilities.
  • a drive to serve: life is more than money it is how you can make a difference in your community

He graduated from Germantown Academy and received a  bachelors of science from Allegheny College. Scott lives in Gilbertsville with his wife and two sons.